The strong motivation that once encouraged – and still does – pilgrims from all over the world to get a sacred icon tattoo. While Loreto’s tattoo tradition was prohibited towards the end of 1800 and the beginning of 1900 for obvious hygiene reasons – hence getting lost until these days – the tradition of Christian Coptic tattooing in Jerusalem instead, dating back to the 1300 passed down from one generation to another until the present day. This trip for me has represented a great opportunity. During the week I’ve worked shoulder to shoulder with Wassim, I have been blessed to breath and to live the experience of this family tradition.

Being able to tattoo pilgrims from all over the world with religious symbols that for them represent a journey, a story or a profound religious belief, has been greatly rewarding for me and it has strengthen my motivation on what I’m doing for Loreto’s sacred tattoo tradition. We’ve tattooed pilgrims of all ages, including priests and bishops, many of which at their first tattoo, but all equally aware, determined and with the right spirit to mark on their own skin such an important icon. I was extremely pleased to meet Anton Jacob Razzouk, Wassim’s father and a tattoo artist before his son. Anton Jacob is a man with a great positive energy and culture, he can speak many languages ​​and when he’s in the studio he’s often entertaining clients with the story of his family and of the Coptic Christian tattoo of Jerusalem.

My experience in Jerusalem ended with an unexpected surprise: Wassim donated me 28 reproductions of the original wooden blocks with Christian Coptic drawings and by doing this, the Razzouk family awarded me the title of “Official Ambassador of the Razzouk family in Italy”. This means that I have the great honor and the immense privilege of being the one and only authorized tattoo artist in Italy that can tattoo Razzouk’s family Coptic symbols thanks to stamps I have been so generously given. Anyone who has visited the Holy Land is able to tell the magic that reigns in that corner of the world.

In Loreto, in my own small way, I feel that I can live the same magic too. Perhaps because this ancient tradition was born here or because the contrast between sacred and profane is very strong but I find a great attraction towards this place. My aim, therefore, is to promote this tradition in the best possible way and with all due respect, so to acquaint as many people as possible with this ancient and fascinating art that contains faith, art, symbolism and life stories. Christian Coptic tattoos and Loreto’s tattoos are another example of the bond between Loreto and Jerusalem, the Holy House of Loreto and the city of Nazareth, European Christianity and the Holy Land. Therefore, thanks to this unique twinning, besides Loreto’s traditional sacred tattoos, as of today in my studio I will also tattoo the ancient symbols of Jerusalem. rosa d’oro donata da Papà Francesco



Jona e Wassim Razzouk

Antichi simboli Cristiano Copti di Gerusalemme

Antichi stampi della famiglia Razzouk since 1300

Jona e Wassim spalla a spalla tatuando pellegrini da tutto il mondo

Stampo Croce di Gerusalemme di circa 500 anni e tatuaggio

Stampo con Agnello simbolo della sofferenza dovuta alla Passione di Cristo

Pellegrino Tedesco appena tatuato

Pellegrino Tedesco appena tatuato con la Croce di Gerusalemme

Antico stampo della sirena non legato alla religione

Vescovo Cristiano ortodosso mentre si tatua una Croce

Jona , Wassim e Vescovi Cristiano Ortodossi all'interno dello studio nella Old City

Jona , Wassim e Vescovi Cristiano Ortodossi all’interno dello studio nella Old City

Stampo San Giorgio e il drago

Jona che tatua il simbolo della Madonna di Loreto a Wassim Razzouk

Madonna di Loreto tatuata da Jona a Wassim

Wassim Razzouk che tatua l’antica Croce di Gerusalemme a Jona

CROCE DI Gerusalemme appena tatuata da Wassim su Jona e Madonna di Loreto . Antichi simboli di vecchie tradizioni

Anton Jacob Razzouk dx ,Jona e Wassim sx nel momento della consegna del certificato e degli stampi

Certificato e autorizzazionemdella famiglia Razzouk per riprodurre gli antichi simboli Cristiano Copti

Old city Jerusalem

Monte degli ulivi

 Tatuaggio San Giorgio e il drago

Tatuaggio San Giorgio e il drago