Signs of Beauty and Identity: Traditional tattooing in AINU culture (Japan)

In this article, we will immerse ourselves in the fascinating world of AINU women’s tattoos, exploring their origins, profound meanings, and the cultural heritage that has struggled to survive to this day.           The Ainu tribe of Japan, primarily located in Hokkaido Island and parts of Russia, represents a culture rich […]

The connection of the Sacred Tattoo “Loreto/Jerusalem-Burma/Thailand”

In Loreto, Italy, many pilgrims traveling to the famed sanctuary of the Holy House – a tradition that dates back ages – often choose to engrave on their skin sacred images or symbols as a sign of their spiritual journey. This symbolic rite of passage serves to permanently mark their experience of faith and dedication. […]

Pelle tatuata al Museo delle Cere Anatomiche Luigi Cattaneo di Bologna

Visito spesso la città di Bologna. Nel 1997, proprio qui, ho partecipato come visitatore alla mia prima tattoo convention. Ero un militare poco più che ventenne. L’anno successivo (1998), decisi di iniziare a tatuarmi dallo storico tatuatore Italiano Marco Pisa in Via Solferino 15/A. Da quegli anni Bologna è diventata una tappa fondamentale della mia […]

Drawing of a Loreto marker

To proof the ancient origin of Loreto tattooes, there is a vintage print, unique of its kind, dating back to the beginning of the ‘900. I’m moved to see, for the first time in my life, the drawing of a Loreto marker in the act of tattoing. The anonymity of the author confirms the rarity […]