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Coptic tattoos. The triangle of tradition. Between religion, culture and history
Pilgrims and Tattoo of Loreto
  • Pilgrims and Tattoo of Loreto

  • A pilgrimage is a devotional event consisting in going to a sacred place, quite often after a very long and tiring journey. This practice is, perhaps, linked to certain habits of primitive men, who went looking for herbs and special ingredients in faraway lands. In our case, the search aims at [...]
Not just religious symbols
  • Not just religious symbols

  • Being a passionate-compulsive/obsessive researcher of material related to the world of tattoo - both historical and modern - I came across an object that immediately caught my attention and I couldn’t help but adding it to my collection. In an antique dealer in northern England I found a wooden b[...]
Comparing tradition: Lauretani tattoos vs Coptic tattoos from Jerusalem